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On Holy Thursday evening (3/29/2018) about 8:00 PM, we joined Joe Kruse and about 7 others to stand in protest of police brutality.   The location was to be near St. Mark’s Episcopal and Loring Park. Eventually, we chose to stand under a street lamp at the corner directly across from the Walker.   So our small vigil consisted of no more than 10 cold individuals – several of them Mennonite friends of Joe – holding up a long well-made banner to be seen by the heavy traffic going north on the merged lanes of Hennepin and Lyndale. The large block letters the banner read: "End Crucifixions, Disarm the Police.”  

The vigil members did not shout but prayed.   A very appropriate service was held. It contained scripture and prayers. The main reading was John 19:1-16 -- Jesus being tried by Pilate.

What is shown below are the final words of the service that really spoke to me (us).   These words challenged the notion that Jesus’s sacrifice was necessary as an atonement, and the words related the death of Jesus to the deaths of so many innocent persons who have been killed as “the collateral damage” - necessary to keep the peace without the murderers being held accountable. Extra-Judicial Crucifixions.

Atonement vs Extra Judicial Crucifixions