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The thoughts of our mind are all constructs.  Our mind dwells on our recall of the past.  That recall of an idea or event is imperfect and only partial.  Our mind also conjures up views of the future.  Those are always fabrications. 

All our thoughts are uniquely our own.   They are always tempered by our own experience.  We are separated from one another by our thoughts; and our diplomacy in attempting to agree on truth or justice require each participant in a conversation to allow a single version of an idea or event to reign as official.  

Only in the absence of thoughts do our minds truly unite.   We seek -- while praying in the void of our contemplative mind -- a unity with everyone.   Only in the absence of thought and in the presence of that total silence are we united in truth with the Creator and Creation.

Our centering prayer is a work in progress – a prayer of intention which we offer up to God.  Although we are always thwarted, we continue to strive to enter through the narrow gate – to seek a union with our Creator and each other in the timeless silent Now.  


Having centered since 1994, I consider my periods as the most significant spiritual activity I have ever engaged in. Those activities have increased to about three times each day. Plus my weekend experience at St. Olaf has now superceded all religious celebrations in my spiritual life.   My periods of centering are, as deeply as possible, twenty or more minutes of a prayer of intention in which I share with the God-within my belief that God's presence keeps me and the entire universe moving toward a perfection in mystery and total love.