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It is strange what possessed me.   Why did I log every fishing trip in 1977?   I did some in 1976.   But that is all.  

Here is a possible explanation.  Back when Mom died in 1976, I started trying to get Pa to tell me about things I had not asked about.   My record book was a ledger-sized notebook with lined paper and red cover.  That book must have been with me up at the cabin.    Near the end of July in 1976, I began recording the fishing production.   Then in 1977, the book shows my catches from June through the end of the years.    It was not only complete, but it had some of the best results that I can recall.   Nothing was recorded for 1978; and in 1979, I had begun working at Sperry in March.  Fishing changed after 1979. 

Maps that I used for studying the lake are currently (2017) in a drawer in the cabin.   I looked at them and saw that I had recorded results of a number of fishing trips from other years in the margins of those maps.  

Chris believes that if we had records from earlier years  they would substantiate that fish production was decreasing.   Unfortunately, I don't believe I have enough data.

What I plan to try here is to create a table (spreadsheet) that would provide my data from 1977.  Just for history. 

As part of the history of 1977, Rainy Lake was very low that year.  That had a ripple effect even as far as Lake of the Woods.  That year might have been the year when Grandpa and I put in the extension to the old dock.  Looking at my spreadsheet, that work might have been done around July 4th and the two weeks following.  But that seems to be the only big how in the dates.

As a little legend for the cells, W stands for walleye.  So 2W means the person whose name is on top of the column caught 2 walleyes on the trip of the day.   N stands for northern.  S stands for sauger.   B stands for bass.

Date in 1977 Location Bill Barb Grandpa Ernie George Ron Scott Dr. Crow
Chris Becky Brett Rick Shirley Jay Dean Notes
 June 14  Dryweed 1S 1W            1S                  
 June 15  8-Mile   2W                            
 June 16                                  
 June 17 Black Bay   2N          1W                  
 June 18 Wind and Rain                                
 June 19 Dryweed           4W                    
 June 22  Seine River 2W 1 S   2W        3W                  
 June 24  Provincial Park 22W before lunch                             Sabiscon Bay of Lake of the Woods
 June 24  Provincial Park 18W after lunch                              
 June 27  French Island 1S 1S                           Rock eats prop at Sandpoint!
 July 3  Dryweed 1N   1N                          
 July 17  Fransen 1B 1S 2W                              
 July 19  Fransen                      1N          
 July 20  Dryweed 1N  3N                  1N 1N 2N 1N 1S  
 July 22  Dryweed                        1N     1N  
 July 22  Cranberry Island  1N                       2N      
 July 23  Dryweed                      2N     1N    
 July 24  Dryweed  3N 1W                              
 July 25  Dryweed      1N                          
 July 29  Olson's Reef, Fox Island                                
 Aug 1  Dryweed 2N 1W 1N                            
 Aug 2  Olson Bay(Discovered) 3N 3W 1S                              
 Aug 4  Olson Bay 12W & S   3W 3N 9W & S                         
 Aug 5 AM  Olson Bay  2W 1N 2W    8W                        
 Aug 5 PM  Olson Bay   5W 2W 8W                        
 Aug 6 AM  Olson Bay 1S 1S 2W                          
 Aug 6 PM  "Stringer" Bay 1W 1S 2W 1S                            
 Aug 7 AM  "Stringer" Bay 1W                              
    Dryweed 1W 1N                              
 Aug 7 PM   Fransen     1W      1W                    
 Aug 8   Olson Bay  2W          3W 1N   2W 1N 1N 1N 1S            
 Aug 9   Olson Bay  3W          4W                    
 Aug 10   Windy :(                                
 Aug 11 AM   "Stringer" Bay                                
 Aug 11 PM  Fransen                                
 Aug 12  Olson Bay  2W          8W 10W                  
 Aug 14  Olson Bay   10W 3W 2N 4W    5W                      
 Aug 21  Olson Bay  2W                              
 Aug 24 AM  Olson Bay  1W 2S   1N                          
 Aug 24 PM  Dryweed  1N   1B