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I was blessed with having a General Motors Scholarship from 1958 -1961.   Only two were given each year.   Guy Hale was the other recipient from my class.  We were both in math at Indiana State and we went together to the University of Missouri for our Master Degrees in Math – 1961-1963.

My classwork began in 1957.  It was a surprise in the summer of 1957 to be called down to Terre Haute for an interview for that scholarship of which I had known nothing at that time.  Two were chosen, but I was a runner-up.  Big interview in a conference room with lots of big wigs.  Guy was one recipient and the other recipient either quit or did not perform as a freshman.  Hence, I was given the scholarship beginning in 1958. 

I only received a stipend of $250 a semester (quarter).  But the scholarship was open-ended.  If I needed more, they would have provided more.  My Inland Steel summer work in 1957 helped a lot.   Plus, work in our dormitory as an advisor and assistant dorm director helped as well – not to mention summer employment each year at Christenson’s Hardware.    Remember that things were quite different at that time.  I kept close track of expenses especially in my sophomore year.   I found that my personal outlay not including the scholarship money was under $1000 for room, board, and tuition.  Now each year a student goes deeper and deeper into debt. 

John Clark who came in the 1958 class received a full ride from GM. 

The following was received from General Motors upon graduation.  

 Western Union from General Motors