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The following is the content of a speech which I was honored to give at the Baccalaureate Service the day before my 1961 graduation at Indiana State Teachers College.   I had been elected by my fellow graduates from a list of graduates.  There was one male and one female presenter selected.  I don’t think I ever found out who had created the list.  I presume it was some dean.

Note that I really graduated from Indiana State College as it says on my diploma.  We were in the middle of a name change in 1961.  In fact, my alma mater became Indiana State University in 1965. 

I find my words were very spiritual as I was in those days.  These significant occasions seemed to have to take on a spiritual dimension.   Although I was not a fundamentalist by any means, my multiple quotes from the Bible might have made my audience think they were hearing a sermon.   On the other hand, considering my audience was largely from conservative southern Indiana, the content might have been just right.

I had the writing reviewed by one of my friends, Professor Schick, from whom I had taken a year of English Literature and a year of American Literature.  No conflicts arose from that review.   Dr. Schick offered some wording changes.   

I have always believed that I should have practiced more on my delivery.   Considering my experience speaking to large groups, I should have practiced more.   I believe my delivery was too slow and deliberate to provide the proper emphasis when and where I intended.  It was as if, during my delivery, I was still concerning how these few pages would fall on the ears of my peers. 

I wonder if anyone remembers that speech.  We have all heard so many speeches and sermons over our lives I know full well how few I remember.   Maybe speeches are just made to set a tempo or provide ideas for our brain’s ever-growing knowledge base.   Ideas from which we can choose or reject. 

[Excuse the faint typing.  This was typed in 1961.  The yellow background is the tone of the aged white paper from an original copy.] 

 Full Grad Speech